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You can buy disposable adult diapers at these companies!

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Here at the IRC, one of our goals is to help you understand the products that are available to help you manage your incontinence and live an active life!  Disposable diapers are just ONE of the many different types of products used for incontinence management.  In other sections, we will cover the myriad other types of products used for incontinence management.

Disposable Adult Diapers are great for total bowel and bladder incontinence or very heavy bladder incontinence and/or bedwetting.  They are put on and taken off using either hook and loop or adhesive tabs at the sides.  While they can be used for any type of loss of bladder and bowel control, they are most often used for the individual who has no control of these functions at all and does not use a toilet for bathroom needs.  They are the easiest product to use for people who are bedridden, who cannot stand or who wear orthotics such as braces as they can be opened up flat to be put on and do not have to be pulled on and off over the braces or under the persons‘ bodyweight. 

Click on the product name below to go to the review of that product.  Come back often, as we will be adding reviews regularly.


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