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The Seni Super Plus Diaper comes in four sizes:

  1. Medium 28”  to 40” waist or hip

  2. Regular 38” to 48” waist or hip

  3. Large 43” to “56” waist or hip

  4. XLarge 48” to 67” waist or hip

The fit of the Seni Super Plus Brief gets a “good” rating due to the fact that they are RIGHT at what the manufacturer says without any additional room, even with the stretchy tapes stretched out as far as you can stretch them.  We’ll cover the tapes later.  If you fasten the combination hook and loop/adhesive tabs on the medium, for example, at the largest waist size of 40”, the tabs will be RIGHT AT the edge of the front wing of the product, with a very snug fit.  They do fit well though and the tabs hold quite well, even with a snug fit.  The tabs are very flexible, so as you move, they stretch and twist and flex so that the diaper does not bind and pinch as you move.


The Seni Super Plus has a white outer covering with two colored lines down each side of the center that has a water soluble ink wetness indicator that disappears and indicator strips that change color when the diaper gets wet.  There are two dual layer hook and loop/adhesive tabs on each side that will fasten anywhere you want to put them on the brief.  If you need to refasten the brief, you pull up the white part of the tape tab and place it back on the blue part that stays on the brief or elsewhere on the brief.  These briefs have very tall standing inner leak barriers that are quite effective at containing any kind of leakage.  There is an elastic waistband in front AND back which is about 1.5” tall.  The side wings of this diaper not breathable, which means that they are not likely to allow wetness to pass through should it run around to the side.

Cloth-Like Backing

The cloth backing on these briefs is very strong.  It does not stretch like other brands leading to diaper sag.  It also does not tear when you fasten the diaper very tight.  The plastic under the cloth backing that all “cloth-like” diapers have (see our Paper or Plastic? article) makes NO noise under everyday clothing AT ALL.  The other great thing about these is they DO NOT suffer from the damp or clammy feeling on the outside when they are saturated like many other cloth like backed products do! 

Elastic Waist and Leg Bands

As noted above, this diaper does have an elastic waist band in the front AND back for those of you who like an elastic waist.  Personally I do not find this elastic waist all that effective atainst wetness in the front when the diaper is saturated, as the waistband tends to roll down in the front.  HOWEVER, since the waist band does not roll down in the back, I have found it very effective in incidences of bowel incontinence, along with the higher fit of the Seni Super Plus in the back.  The elastic at the leg openings is VERY effective at giving a comfortable and snug fit around the legs and in the leg creases without binding or cutting into the skin.  If the lower tape is fastened comfortably snug, the elastic will flex as you move, keeping the diaper snug against your skin without allowing leakage.

Standing Inner Leak Barriers

The standing inner leak barriers in this diaper are very effective!  There is one caveat to this though.  You have to MAKE SURE they are standing when you put the diaper on.  This means you need to run your finger along the leak barrier before you put the diaper on to raise it, as I have found on a LOT of the ones I’ve used that they are stuck to the inner lining of the brief.  Once you do this though, they work very well.  This is one of the reasons behind only a “good” rating for “ease of putting it on”.  

Padding Size, Shape and Thickness

The padding shape on this diaper is a lot bigger than the the “figure 8” shape we’re all used to with padding out toward the wings a bit farther in the back and front than many other diapers with the “figure 8” padding shape.  The padding also comes up much higher in the front and back than most diapers on the market which is great for those who sit all the time (such as wheelchair users) for wetness protection at the waist in front, and bowel protection at the waist in the back. While the padding does not wrap all the way around the sides, it comes far enough out toward the sides in the front and back to catch any wetness that may run around to the side while sleeping on your side or sitting.  The padding that extends out toward the wings in the front is about 1” narrower than it is in the back.  This allows a good fit but still gives enough padding to make this a very protective product.

The padding on this product is not all that bulky for it's absorbency. The padding is just a little thinner than that on the Molicare Super Plus Brief. The padding tends to “fluff up” the longer the diaper is out of the bag, as Seni uses a “compressed packaging” which compresses the padding while in the bag.  Under everyday clothing, this product would not be obvious at all, even though it looks bulky and big when you put it on.  The padding seems to absorb very quickly and wicks VERY well, which is probably what leads to the dryness of the skin when it is wet.  The padding does NOT bunch up or come apart when wet!  This diaper is a fantastic pick for heavy incontinence during the daytime and may work well for overnight use for those who prefer cloth like products don’t wet excessively heavily at night or need just bowel protection.  For extremely heavy night wetters, it’s probably a better bet to stick with a product such as the Abena X-Plus or Northshore Care Supreme Brief.

Dual Layer Refastenable Tape Tabs

The Seni Super Plus has dual layer refastenable tape/hook and loop tabs that stretch to give freedom of movement.  If you need to unfasten the diaper, you pull up on the white (top) layer of the tape tab to unfasten it and then place it back on the blue layer that stays on the diaper.  The tape tabs stretch and flex nicely as you move without breaking.  This leads to a comfortable fit that won’t bind or pinch the skin.  Grasping the tabs is a bit tricky once they are on the back of the brief, as they do not have a very large grip area at the end, so they may be an issue for those with arthritis or poor fine motor ability.


Overall, the quality of the Seni Super Plus diaper is very good, with no stray padding pieces outside of the padded area, tabs that hold very well and great absorbency. The product seems VERY consistent case to case, other than the standing inner leak barriers sticking to the inside of the padding occasionally.  I have found that the quality consistency is EXCELLENT.  You never feel clumps of padding or polymer, no polymer granules poking the backing, etc.. I have been really amazed at the consistency of this product.  If it works well for you once, it will work well for you again and again!

The padding of these diapers does NOT break up or clump, no matter how active you are!  I’m not sure how they do it, but I have never had a problem, whether in my wheelchair, walking in my braces, crawling under my truck to do an oil change or anything!  This gives a very secure feeling.


For those who prefer an ALL WHITE backing, this product won’t be for you.  As you can see in the picture above, there are colored lines on each side of the wetness indicator, and they vary in color with size (medium being blue, large being “salmon”, etc...).  That said, the coloring is faint enough that I have not seen where it would really show through clothing, so if you don’t care about color, you won’t have an issue.


These diapers fit well.  Not perfect per their indicated sizing, but overall well.  If you are right on the edge of the next size up, go with the next size up.  They have VERY generous padding size which leaves plenty of area for absorbency and bowel protection and a light feel to their fit.  The interior of the diaper is very soft to the touch, and the exterior is very smooth...almost shiny looking.  I have had no problems with chafing of the thighs when walking in my braces.  You can fasten them as snug as you like and they will hold.  The only issue with fit that I don’t like is the front waistband tends to roll down, especially if you have a bit of a belly.  This can be alleviated though by making sure your pants waist band holds the diaper waist band from rolling down.  I give these VERY high marks in the comfort department, even when wet!


Considering the average cost of these diapers can vary from $1.05 to $1.21 depending on where you buy them, I find the cost to be AMAZINGLY low for the amount of protection they provide and the incredibly high quality!  You are DEFINITELY getting your money’s worth even if you are just using this diaper for daytime use.  If you have complete incontinence with large volumes, you should be able to feel secure in your protection while out and about in this diaper! 

Seni Super Plus Briefs at a Glance

Fit                                                 Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Putting it on                  Very Good        Good       Average        Poor

Comfort while dry                      Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Absorbency                                Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Rewet Absorbency                    Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Comfort While wet                     Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Keeps skin dry                           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Removal                        Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Cloth backing strength              Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

picture of a seni super plus adult diaper
picture of a bag of seni super plus adult diapers
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