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Here at the IRC, one of our goals is to help you understand the products that are available to help you manage your incontinence and live an active life!  Disposable adult protective underwear (also referred to as adult pullups or pull on briefs) are just ONE of the many different types of products used for incontinence management.  In other sections, we will cover the myriad other types of products used for incontinence management.

Disposable Adult Protective Underwear/Pullups are great for light to moderate bowel and bladder incontinence.  This type of product has become very product over the last 10 years or so with Kimberly Clark starting off the popularity.  Now, most every brand has their own version and they range form super light protection (8 ounces or so) to complete/overnight protection (as much as 32 ounces).  These products pull on and off like regular underwear.  Some have tear away sides for easy removal, while some have adjustable sides that adjust with hook and loop closures.  There are many varieties and variables and here in this section we will do our best to describe them.

Click on the product name below to go to the review of that product.  Come back often, as we will be adding reviews regularly.


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