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The ID Slip PE Maxi Diaper comes in four sizes:

  1. Small 24” to 30” waist or hip

  2. Medium 28” to 38” waist or hip

  3. Large 37” to 59” waist or hip

  4. X-Large 43” to 67” waist or hip

The fit of the ID Slip PE Maxi Brief gets a “Very Good” rating due to the fact I am confident that they will definitely fit the sizes indicated on their packaging!  Unlike a lot of other brands, they seem to have the right combination of side wing length and leg opening size to fit the range of sizes indicated.  I have a 40” waist and 41” hip and the size large fit me fine but there is plenty of room left to fit up to a 59” waist or hip.  The way they are cut though, they are not extremely bulky and fit very well, considering they will fit 18” to 19” larger than what my waist and hips are.  So, even if you are at the bottom or top of the size ranges each size indicates, you should be fine buying the size you need per the measurements on the package.


The ID Slip PE Maxi has a white plastic outer covering with a disappearing ink wetness indicator with the word MAXI down the center and then off to the left, is a four line yellow wetness indicator, very similar to the wetness indicator on Attends Briefs of the 1980s and early 1990s.  There are two dual layer adhesive tapes on each side.  The dual layer tapes have a blue tape that attaches to the plastic backing of the diaper with a white tape tab on top of it.  When you need to unfasten and refasten the tape, you pull up on the white tape leaving the blue one behind.  When you want to refasten the tape, you put the white tape right back on the blue tape and you have the same fit as you did when you first put them on!  The PE Maxi also has very effective standing inner leak barriers on each side and elastic at the legs for leakage containment and comfortable fit.  There is NO elastic waistband on this diaper.

Plastic Backing

The plastic backing on these briefs is very strong.  It does not stretch out like cheaper brands leading to diaper sag, even though it does stretch and flex with your movements without being loose in fit.  It also does not tear when you fasten the diaper very tight.  The plastic backing is so strong that I have NEVER found a pinhole in it, even when I can feel the super absorbent polymer granules through the plastic backing.  The plastic backing does make some noise under everyday clothing but this noise can be eliminated by either wearing heavy pants (like jeans) or wearing a pair of underwear over them.  Overall though, the noise is totally unnoticeable in average everyday situations.

Elastic Waist and Leg Bands

As noted above, there is no elastic waistband on this product.  Between the fit, absorbency speed and incredible capacity of this diaper (at least 20% more absorbent than Molicare Slip Maxi), there is no need for such a feature.  The elastic at the leg openings is VERY effective at giving a comfortable and snug fit around the legs and in the leg creases without binding or cutting into the skin.  If the lower tape is fastened comfortably snug, the elastic will flex as you move, keeping the diaper snug against your skin without allowing leakage.  Even if the lower tapes are fastened super tight, I have not found a problem with the elastic becoming too tight and binding or pinching.

Standing Inner Leak Barriers

The standing inner leakage barriers on this product are very effective.  They come about 3/4 of the way up the front and about 1/2 way or so up the back of the diaper on each side.  While not the tallest inner leakage barriers on the market they are more than effective at preventing urine and especially bowel leakage. 

Padding Size, Shape and Thickness

The padding shape on this diaper is the “figure 8” shape with padding out toward the wings in the back and front.  While the padding does not wrap all the way around the sides, it comes far enough past the standing inner leak barriers in the front and back to catch any wetness that MAY get past the standing elastic leak barrier.  The padding that extends out toward the wings in the front is about 4” narrower overall than it is in the back.  This allows a good, less bulky fit but still gives enough padding to make this a very protective product.

The padding on this product is not all that bulky for its’ absorbency. The padding is just a little thicker than the padding on the Molicare Super Plus Brief. The padding tends to “fluff up” the longer the diaper is out of the bag, as ID uses a “compressed packaging” which compresses the padding while in the bag.  Even right out of the bag though, the padding has a soft, fluffy and “airy” feel, unlike the dense stiff feel of most other super heavy absorbency diapers.  Under everyday clothing, this product would not be obvious, other than MAYBE an occasional plastic crinkle that could be muffled with a pair of boxers or brief style underwear over them. The padding absorbs VERY quickly and wicks VERY well.  Usually, you can utilize just about every inch of the padding in regards to wetness without a leak.  This diaper is DEFINITELY one of my top picks for heavy overnight protection!  If taped snugly, this diaper will rarely ever leak even when you sleep on your side! 

Dual Layer Refastenable Tape Tabs

As noted above, these diapers have the two piece refastenable tape system, with the blue “under tape” that fastens to the plastic backing and the white top tape that adheres to the blue tape and is used for unfastening and refastening.  ID uses a reasonably large tape tab with VERY good folded over ends that make the tape easy to grasp when fastening and unfastening.  The tapes hold very well and the white tape can be unfastened from the blue one and refastened on the blue tape over and over again without any noticeable degradation in stickiness.  The white tab can also be refastened onto other ares of the brief where the blue tab is NOT, but then the white tab is no longer refastenable and may rip the plastic backing, if unfastened.


Overall, the quality of the ID Slip PE Maxi diaper is amazing!  In the many cases I have used, I have found no stray padding pieces outside of the padded area, the tape tabs hold very well and absorbency is amazing and consistent from one diaper to the next.  I am not sure how they manage it, but ID is totally consistent from case to case, at least in my experience.  This is amazing in todays‘ time of high speed production lines.    Every case I have ever had, EVERYTHING was perfect  Variance in quality MAY be about 2% of the time or less.  This has not been matched by any other product, with the exception of the Northshore Supreme Brief line of products or the Molicare Super Plus Brief line (now the Molicare Slip Maxi).  They are an EXCELLENT product and when figuring defect rate, you have to remember the company runs millions of the product per year, so the defect rate is AMAZINGLY low compared to other brands.


Again, a manufacturer who gets the fact that incontinence can be embarrassing enough without wearing a pink, blue, purple, peach or tan diaper! Who in the world ever decided on pink for a diaper color anyway?? They should be fired, unless that diaper is being marketed specifically to girls or women (in my opinion). Well, with this product, the plastic backing is all white.  Under a pair of thin white pants, they would appear like regular underwear until the four wetness indicator lines turn blue when the diaper is wet.  Even then, I do not think anyone would ever notice. This white plastic backing color applies to the small, medium, large and x-large sizes.


These diapers fit incredibly well!   Even when very wet, they still fit very well, without sagging or bunching up.  If you are a very physically active person (walking, running, etc..) you should have no problems with the padding breaking up or sinking down into the crotch.  Skin dryness is actually excellent!  Most times, it’s almost impossible to tell the diaper is even wet against your skin.  The odor control is every bit as good as Northshore Supreme, Molicare Slip Maxi and the Dry24/7 diaper mentioned in other reviews.   Now, if you wear the product long enough and you are not drinking a lot (meaning your urine is concentrated), an ammonia smell will build up after about 6 or 7 hours. If you are drinking normally and stay well hydrated, odor is not a real big issue until about 6 or 7 hours’ wear time.  Really though, any diaper should be changed by then if it is wet, even premium diapers like this one.  Overall comfort is excellent!


Considering the average cost of these diapers is about $1.08 each for size small up to $1.71 each for x-large, I find the cost very acceptable for a premium product such as this.  When it comes to skin dryness and capacity for that price, you really can’t go wrong!  If you have complete incontinence with large volumes, you should be able to feel secure in your protection while out and about in this diaper! 

ID Slip PE Maxi Briefs at a Glance

Fit                                                 Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Putting it on                  Very Good        Good       Average        Poor

Comfort while dry                      Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Absorbency                                Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Rewet Absorbency                    Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Comfort While wet                     Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Keeps skin dry                           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Removal                        Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Plastic backing strength           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

picture of the id slip pe maxi plastic backed diaper
picture of a bag of id slip pe maxi diapers
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