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The Tranquility EliteCare Diaper comes in THREE sizes:

  1. Medium 32” to 44” waist or hip

  2. Large 45” to 58” waist or hip

  3. X-Large 56” to 64” waist or hip

The Tranquility EliteCare Briefs are a totally cloth backed brief with moisture proof side wings and hook and loop tabs.

The fit of the Tranquility EliteCare gets an “average” rating due to the fact that they do not fit well (if at all) at the larger end of their size listing.  The medium, for example, will fit up to a 40” waist or hip at MOST and at that, the fit is quite snug.  So, if you take off 4” to 5” off the larger end of the fit specifications, you have a more accurate listing of the largest waist or hip size they will fit.  This is the same type of fit as in their Slimline and ATN Briefs. 


The Tranquility EliteCare Brief has a white cloth outer covering.  They have a printed wetness indicator, that is printed in liquid soluble ink that disappears when the diaper gets wet to indicate a need for a change.   The wetness indicator is very faint though, so is kind of hard to see when wearing the diaper.  There are two hook and loop tabs on each side that will attach anywhere on the diaper surface.  They will unfasten and refasten as many times as needed.  Like the ATN, the EliteCare has relatively ineffective standing inner leak barriers on each side of the diaper at the legs.  Thankfully though, the elastic at the legs and incredibly fast absorbency more than make up for the lousy standing inner leak barriers (if you want to call them that) when it comes to leakage protection.  Like the rest of the Tranquility Briefs line, there is no elastic waistband on the EliteCare.

Cloth Backing

The cloth backing on these briefs is extremely strong and it TOTALLY silent under clothing!  This cloth backing does NOT stretch at all when you move.  This diaper has NEVER suffered with the damp or clammy feeling on the outside when saturated, unlike other cloth backed diapers on the market.  This diaper will stay fastened as tightly as you fasten it, meaning no need for plastic pants or underwear over it to hold it up, again, unlike most cloth backed diapers on the market.

Elastic Leg Bands

As previously noted, this diaper does not have an elastic waist band at all.  The elastic at the leg openings is VERY effective at giving a snug fit around the legs and in the leg creases, but if the hook and loop tabs are fastened tight enough, it can tend to bind or cut into the skin. My experience with the elastics is they will tend to “roll up” and this leads to chafing, binding and sometimes cutting of the skin.  Usually, if this happens, you really should go to the next size up if you can not fasten the hook and loop tabs on the size you usually wear looser.  This is why this product received an “average” in the fit department as well.  If the lower tape is fastened comfortably snug though, the elastic at the legs will flex as you move, keeping the diaper snug against your skin without allowing leakage.

Standing Inner Leak Barriers

The standing inner leakage barriers on this product are not very effective.  They are very short in height and the elastic in them is very loose.  To me they are more like an added piece of inner lining material than standing inner leak barriers.  With the absorbency speed and elastic at the legs of this product though, I don’t think the standing inner leak barriers lacking is a big deal.   

Padding Size, Shape and Thickness

The padding shape on this diaper is the “figure 8” shape with good padding out toward the wings!  While the padding does not wrap all the way around the sides, it comes far enough past the elastic in the front and back to catch any wetness that might get past the standing inner leak barrier.  The padding that extends out toward the wings in the front is about 1” narrower than it is in the back.  This allows a good, less bulky fit but still gives enough padding to make this a very protective product.

The padding on this product is not all that bulky at all, as most of the absorbency comes from super absorbent polymers in the “peach mat”.  The padding is deceptively thin for as absorbent as this product is!  Under everyday clothing, this product would not be obvious AT ALL.  The padding seems to absorb VERY quickly, but does not wick quickly at all.  Usually, the front and between the legs will be soaked (and swollen up) but the back will be, for the most part, dry. 

Hook and Loop Side Tabs

This diaper has refastenable hook and loop tabs that will fasten anywhere on the diaper over and over and over again, as many times as you want without their tight hold deteriorating!  There are two on each side, like most all other adult diapers, one at the waist and one down at the leg opening.  They are imprinted with a pattern to make them easy to see on the white backing of the diaper.  They also have ample material at the end of the tab so grasping them to fasten and unfasten the diaper is easy, even for those with limited dexterity or arthritis.


The quality of the EliteCare is very good!  The hook and loop tabs could be a little better though.  I have had more than one rip off in my hand from the back wing while pulling it around to fasten it.  Sometimes, they are not attached to the back wing of the diaper as securely as they could be.  They do an excellent job at keeping the skin dry, and do not seem to clump up and the padding does not seem to come apart like with the ATN or Slimline Briefs when you are active.  As far as padding and polymer placement and cloth backing strength go, those are good!


Again, this diaper is all white, so should just look like regular underwear under a pair of thin white pants.  The wetness indicator is faint enough that you can barely see it WITHOUT anything on over the diaper.  So overall, appearance is decent.


If you like a super tight fitting diaper, you may find these uncomfortable due to the binding and chafing of the leg elastics as mentioned above.  If, like me, you prefer a comfortably snug but not tight fit, then this product is very comfortable and will stay snug.  This product has a softer inner lining than the ATN Brief.  When wet they do a reasonable job of keeping the skin dry.  The padding is primarily made up of super absorbent polymers, rather than paper pulp fluff.


Depending on the company you buy from and the size you buy, this diaper can run roughly $1.60 per diaper, which sounds pretty high for a Tranquility product.  Considering how absorbent they are, easily handling 40 to 44 ounces, the fact the side wings are moisture proof and they totally vanish under everyday clothing, I think they are definitely worth a try!  If you like them as much as I do, $1.60 per diaper is not bad at all.

Tranquility EliteCare Briefs at a Glance

Fit                                                 Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Putting it on                  Very Good        Good       Average        Poor

Comfort while dry                      Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Absorbency                                Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Rewet Absorbency                    Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Comfort While wet                     Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Keeps skin dry                           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Removal                        Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Cloth backing strength              Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

picture of a tranquility elitecare disposable adult diaper
picture of a bag of tranquility elitecare disposable adult diapers