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The Secure X-Plus Diaper comes in three sizes:

  1. Medium 32” to 44” waist or hip

  2. Large 45” to 58” waist or hip

  3. X-Large 59” to 64” waist or hip

The fit of the Secure X-Plus gets an “average” rating due to the fact that they do not fit well (if at all) at the larger end of their size listing.  The medium, for example, will fit upt to a 44” waist or hip at MOST and having a waist size of 40”, the tapes come RIGHT to the edge of the front wing of the diaper on each side.  So, if you take off 4” to 5” off the larger end of the fit specifications, you have a more accurate listing of the largest waist or hip size they will fit.


The Secure X-Plus has a white plastic outer covering with a tape landing zone in the front with the words “Secure X-Plus” on it and fit “dots” with numbering, presumably so when you put the tape on the same number on each size, you have and even fit.   There are two, relatively small and flimsy SINGLE layer tapes on each side (unlike most other brands that have the double layer tapes).  The Secure X-Plus also has very effective standing inner leak barriers on each side and elastic at the legs and waist in the front and back for leakage containment and comfortable fit.  This product also has elastic waistbands at the front and back waist.

Plastic Backing

The plastic backing on these briefs is pretty strong.  It has a bit of a “rough” texture to it, presumably to help the tape landing zone stick to it better.  The tape landing zone is essentially a sticker adhered to the front of the diaper and the tapes stick to it.  The strength of the backing at the tape landing zone is SUPER strong, due to the plastic tape landing zone.  The downside of the tape landing zone is it is a very heavy plastic and does tend to make a loud crinkle sound under clothing.  The rest of the plastic backing can tend to tear if you try to pull on it, like you would when pulling them up from the waistband.  I have heard of no instances of the plastic backing splitting or tearing when anyone is wearing the product though.

Elastic Waist and Leg Bands

As previously noted, this diaper does have an elastic waist in the front and back.  For those that know me, you know I think the elastic waist is a gimmick to be able to add more to the price.  I personally feel the same way on this product, but I do have to say that this elastic waistband is definitely not just a wrinkled plastic type of thing with no benefit.  This is a real elastic waist and may help some with fit at the waist, although I really didn’t notice a difference.  For those who like elastic waistbands though, this one is very good!  The elastic at the leg openings is VERY effective at giving a snug fit around the legs and in the leg creases, but if the tapes are taped tight enough, it can tend to bind or cut into the skin. My experience with the elastics is they will tend to “roll up” and this leads to chafing, binding and sometimes cutting of the skin.  Usually, if this happens, you really should go to the next size up if you can not fasten the tapes on the size you usually wear any more loosely.  This is why this product received an “average” in the fit department as well.  If the lower tape is fastened comfortably snug though, the elastic will flex as you move, keeping the diaper snug against your skin without allowing leakage.  The only problem with fastening the tapes loosely though, is the tape landing zone does not come all the way to the end of the front wings, so this may not be an easy option.

Standing Inner Leak Barriers

The standing inner leakage barriers on this product are very effective.  They come about 1/2 of the way up the front and about 3/4 way or so up the back of the diaper on each side.  The lower height in the front MAY pose a problem for some men in regards to wetness getting past the leak barriers and traveling around the sides of the diaper on occasion.  While not the tallest inner leakage barriers on the market they are more than effective at preventing urine and especially bowel leakage. 

Padding Size, Shape and Thickness

The padding shape on this diaper is the “figure 8” shape with padding out toward the wings in the back and front.  While the padding does not wrap all the way around the sides, it comes far enough past the elastic in the front and back to catch any wetness that MAY get past the standing elastic leak barrier, with the possible exception for some men as noted up in the Standing Inner Leak Barriers section.  The padding that extends out toward the wings in the front is about 4” narrower than it is in the back.  This allows a good, less bulky fit but still gives enough padding to make this a very protective product.

The padding on this product is not all that bulky for it's absorbency. The padding is just a little thinner than the padding on the Abena X-Plus Brief, and about half the thickness of the padding on the Dry 24/7 Briefs.  Under everyday clothing, this product would not be obvious, other than an occasional plastic crinkle from the tape landing zone.  The padding seems to absorb very quickly and wick very well.  The padding on this diaper does NOT break up when wet.  It could definitely do a better job at wicking moisture to dry areas though!  I found the front and crotch of the diaper to be saturated, yet the back was completely dry.  This diaper may be a good choice for heavy overnight protection, especially for women!  If taped snugly, this diaper will rarely ever leak even when you sleep on your side.

Dual Layer Refastenable Tape Tabs

There are no duel layer refastenable tape tabs on this diaper.  It has a single piece tape that fastens directly to the tape landing panel.  In my opinion, the tapes could be a bit bigger and a bit more “stiff”, so they don’t crumple up if fastened badly or grabbed wrong.  This is one of the reasons the ease of putting on and removal was given an “average” rating.


The quality of the Secure X-Plus is excelent!  The defect rate for the Secure X-Plus Briefs MAY be as high as 2% to 3% which is almost unheard of low in todays’ time of high speed manufacturing.  I have not noticed any pinhole issues on these diapers and the tape landing zone is adhered very well to the diaper, which some other brands can’t say.


Aside from the tape landing zone, this diaper is all white.  Worn under thin white pants, I don’t think it would be visible even with the design on the tape landing zone.  Another manufacturer that “gets it” when it comes to color!


If you like a super tight fitting diaper, you may find these uncomfortable due to the binding and chafing of the leg elastics as mentioned above.  The tapes will hold it SUPER tight though!  If like me, you prefer a comfortably snug but not tight fit, then this product is incredibly comfortable and works very well.


OK, here’s the product’s MAJOR downfall.  They are only available from one company and they run very close to $1.37 to $1.64 each!  That, and the company on occasion runs out of one or all sizes and does not respond to emails about stock outages.  The product is fantastic, but we’ll have to wait and see how supply holds up.  Get them while you can for sure, but be prepared to have a backup diaper if they should run out.  Hopefully, they will keep a steady supply of this diaper.  if they did, it would be one of my permanent diapers for heavy use! 

Secure X-Plus Plus Briefs at a Glance

Fit                                                 Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Putting it on                  Very Good        Good       Average        Poor

Comfort while dry                      Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Absorbency                                Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Rewet Absorbency                    Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Comfort While wet                     Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Keeps skin dry                           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Removal                        Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Plastic backing strength           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

picture of a secure x-plus disposable adult diaper
picture of a bag of secure x-plus adult diapers