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If you have not checked out our sponsor, Parentgiving, you may want to give them a look!

At some point in our lives, we will either become a caregiver for someone else or we will require a caregiver.  This is where companies like Parentgiving come in very handy!  While the IRC is specifically focused on incontinence products and supplies, companies that carry a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment are an important part of our community.  Why?  Because incontinence is a symptom of other underlying issues that may require treatment, such as neurological issues, cognitive impairment, or injury. 

" was formed in 2008 when its founders struggled to find help and answers since becoming caregivers for their own parents. Every single person on our customer care team have been, or currently are, family caregivers. We have personal experience with every aspect of aging from incontinence to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and home hospice care. We have amassed over 50,000 hours of customer care time and have assisted well over 200,000 customers – many of whom come back monthly for personalized consultations or product recommendations," stated Laura, a spokesperson for the company, by email.

As those of us with incontinence know, PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, not a catalog description, is important when trying to find the products and services we need.  Based on customer feedback and product knowledge, Parentgiving developed their own product line under the Dry Direct brand.  This product range includes protective underwear (adult "pullups"), adult briefs (adult diapers), booster pads and skin care items such as adult wipes.  If you are looking for another brand, they also carry incontinence products by Depend, Tena, Prevail, Molicare, Abena and Tranquility, just to name a few. 

While a multitude of brands and product availability are important, so is customer service!  In reference to customer service, Laura states:  "...people can schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our customer specialists...".  If you are having a hard time finding or choosing a product, that consultation, along with the product finder on their site can give you a helping hand and save time and trial and error!  Laura also noted "...We offer samples - Each sample (most come with two diapers per sample) costs $2.99 and you can order up to 3 different samples at a time...."  Parentgiving also offers many different articles on caregiving and senior care in their "Learn" section of their website. 

In my experience, Parentgiving has been very good!  My orders have been drop shipped from manufacturers in marked cases, but they may be able to help you with how your order is delivered.  Delivery is timely and always accurate.  We do NOT take our site sponsors lightly, hence the reason we only have 3.  Parentgiving seems to be a good fit for our incontinence community. 

Our sponsors make our site possible, so please make sure you support them!  There are many companies who sell almost everything under the sun...even companies who provide "everything from A to Z", but when you are looking for accurate information and product selection for medical needs, companies like our sponsors are absolutely valuable! 

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