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Welcome to the Incontinence Resource Center!


Incontinence is defined by Webster’s Online Dictionary, as “the inability of the body to control the evacuative functions of urination and defecation”.  This is not to say incontinence is a simple problem.  There are MANY causes of incontinence.   The loss of bowel and/or bladder control is many times misrepresented as the "problem of old people".  Actually this could not be farther from the truth! It is estimated that there are over 19 million DIAGNOSED incontinent people in the United States ALONE.  These people range in age from just past "normal" potty training age on....  

While many people still "whisper" the words "incontinence" or "diaper" , incontinence products and adult diapers fill a complete aisle in drug and department stores everywhere.  Logic would dictate that in our profit driven society, there must be millions of customers for these products.  Unfortunately, incontinence statistics do not count those who have not been officially diagnosed by a medical professional.  Inability to control bodily functions is often seen as "shameful" or "lazy" and many people just try to "quietly manage" their problem and fail to seek medical advice out of shame or embarrassment.  What you need to understand is that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM!


As noted above, there are MANY issues that can cause the loss of bladder and bowel control.  Here is a brief listing of just SOME of the causes:


The IRC provides an opportunity for incontinent adults and caregivers of incontinent adults and children to hear from others who have traveled the same road, undergone the same tests, had the same embarrassing accidents and found incontinence support lacking elsewhere.  The sharing of ideas and experiences is what the IRC is all about. Incontinence should not be debilitating. It is merely an inconvenience and modern technology has given us many tools, which allow us to control our problem and go on with our everyday lives. Through our articles, product and adult diaper reviews, public incontinence support forum and incontinence related links, we hope to assist incontinent people in finding the right products for themselves. We will provide the information necessary to allow a person to live with incontinence rather than be controlled by it. 

On this site you will find information and reviews of products used in managing bowel and bladder control loss, information on tests to find the cause of the problems, information on incontinence treatment options and even a public incontinence support forum where you can discuss incontinence issues with others who have "been there/done that".  If you are new to incontinence, we hope this site gives you hope and helps you feel less uncomfortable with your situation!  If you have been incontinent for a while, we hope you will share your experiences, product reviews and support with everyone!  We want the IRC to be your "home base" for information and support! 

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