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The BEST Adult Diaper....Oh Really?  According to who?

If you're like me, you've seen a TON of websites with titles like "Best Adult Diapers 2019", "Best Overnight Adult Diapers", "Most Absorbent Adult Diapers" amongst other claims.  My first questions are always "Oh really?"  "How do they know?"  What is their claim based on?" "Are they making money on that claim and using it as "click bait" to get you to come to their site?" "How are they testing the products they claim to be the best?"

Incontinence varies for everyone

When it comes to incontinence, we are ALL different.  Those of us who live with incontinence find that our incontinence episodes vary from day to day.  For example:  In the summer, I do not wet as often or NEARLY as heavily as I do on a cold winter day, and my urine is more concentrated, making it smell more.  During the winter, I wet heavily and more often because I am not sweating fluids off.  Sometimes, I wet extremely heavily at night...other times not.  The term "the BEST diaper" is extremely misleading and confusing.  At the very least, it is a very subjective term that may very well say a diaper, pad, pair of protective underwear, etc.. is best for you...and you find out it is not.  If you're like me, you use several different brands of incontinence products depending on the situation.  The "best" diaper for me under dress slacks may be a lighter weight cloth backed diaper that I have to change more often, whereas when I'm wearing jeans or other heavy casual clothing, a heavyweight plastic backed diaper may be better....SO, my "best diaper" varies from situation to situation.

One Diaper Does Not Fit ALL

When doing incontinence product reviews for this site, I try to avoid using qualifying words like "best", "most abosrbent", "best fitting".  Why?  Because what fits and works besf for ME may work TERRIBLY for you.  Let's take leg opening fit, for instance.  On the Tranquility ATN, I have to use the x-large size, whereas in most other diapers I wear a large (some even as small as a medium).  The problem here is not that the Tranquility products are a "bad" or not the "best" product, it's just that they are not the best for ME.  My thighs are big enough around that the smaller leg openings of the Tranquility ATN make the elastic leg bands cut into my skin and the bands being pulled so tight to fasten the lower tapes causes them to leak well before they are near a capacity that may cause them to leak.

Disposable Protective Underwear....again, the "BEST"?

Another example is "protective underwear" or "adult pullups".  I am VERY hesitant to recommend disposable protective underwear for us men.  Why?  Because due to our anatomy, we do not always "hit" the center of the padding when we urinate.  If a man has urge or reflex incontinence, I NEVER recommend protective underwear due to this.  On the other hand, if a man just dribbles very small amounts, and has no bowel incontinence issues, I would be quicker to recommend a male guard or pad worn in regular underwear.  In the case of women, my recommendations are totally different.  Due to a women's anatomy, she will "hit" the same area (generally the center of the padding) when she urinates.  Disposable protective undwear work well for her usually due to this, even during a moderate to heavy wetting.  For overnight use, I VERY RARELY recommend protective underwear for women, and NEVER for men.  If a man's incontinence is light enough that he can use protective underwear at night, then again, he likely can get away with a pad in regular underwear.  The problem with protective underwear is that it is stretchy to fit as wide a range of sizes as possible with no adjustability, like you have with tape/velcro tabs to tighten the fit of a diaper.  This usually results in the protective underwear shifting around as you move in bed, possibly moving the absorbent pad to a position where it is not effective at absorbing incontinence episodes.  I know....I have tested this on many occasions with many brands...and they fail regularly.

Like any other product pitch...buyer beware.  

Long story short, when you see a headling saying "Best Adult Diaper" or "Best Overnight Adult Diaper", etc..., be skeptical..especially if it's a site that does not deal SPECIFICALLY with incontinence issues and products and  you see a "buy at" this company or that company button next to the "review".  It is best for THEM usually, because they are making money on each sale.  

Just some food for thought from someone who actually uses the products he reviews and knows how frustrating (and financially costly when you buy a bag of each of the "best diaper" because the "review" says they are the best) can be!  


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