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Since one of the main objectives of the Incontinence Resource Center is INCONTINENCE SUPPORT, we offer a public forum/message board for your use!  While we DO NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION, we do ask that you observe the following rules.  If you agree with these rules, please click the green button below the Forum rules and enter our Forum!  If not, please click the red button below the Forum rules to decline and you will be returned back to the site’s home page.

    DO NOT advertise on this forum.  We do not allow any type of advertising whatsoever here.  This area is specifically for support and exchange of information.  We do not allow advertising by companies OR individuals.  Any advertising by companies will result in your company being billed $10,000.00 for your unapproved ad placement and your ad will be removed.  Advertising by an individual will result in your IP address being banned from the forum.  We want this to be a relaxing “no pressure” place for support.

    DO NOT “flame” other forum users!  Understand that we all have different opinions and experiences and the beauty of this forum is that we can all share our ideas and someone may actually learn something from your experience and you may learn something from someone else’s.

    DO NOT post fetish related stories, fantasies, etc..  The AB/DL community is welcome here to discuss incontinence issues, as many in that community are incontinent, but any fetish related material or activity WILL be removed immediately and your IP address will be banned.  There are very good AB/DL sites for that purpose and that is where fetish related issues should be kept.

    DO come in and browse the forum!  This forum has been around for a LONG time and you can search for entries on just about any topic!  We want this to be a useful place for you as you live with incontinence!

    DO share what you have learned in living with incontinence!  None of us are experts on EVERYTHING to do with incontinence so what you think may not be that important may actually help someone out.

    DO share information with others about this forum!  The more active our forum is, the more information we can all share!

Do you agree with the above stipulations?

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