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The EuroBrief Diaper comes in three sizes:

  1. Medium 26” to 43” waist or hip

  2. Large 39” to 63” waist or hip

  3. X-Large up to 67” waist or hip

The fit of these diapers is average for the industry.  They do run a couple inches small on the larger end, so if you are right on the edge of the larger size, you should choose the larger size.  My waist is 38” and hips are 39” to 40” and the medium is a bit too snug, so I use the large and they fit very well. The leg openings on this product are a bit snug as well, so again, choose the larger size if you are right on the edge of the size range. 


The EuroBrief diaper has a plastic outer backing, elastic waistband at the back and leg bands, standing inner leak barriers, very generous padding size, shape and thickness (which I will cover later), and two large VERY strong refastenable tapes on each side. We're going to cover each feature one by one here:

The trend has been toward a “cloth like” breathable outer backing on diapers nowadays.  Unfortunately, this brand seems to be trying to go the same way.  They DO still offer a plastic backed version, but also have a cloth-like version for those who prefer that.  Personally I despise the cloth like backing on most products.  Breathable means air flows through.  What flows through with air? Odor! Also, most breathable covers feel damp or clammy on the outside to the touch.  Anyway, I digress.  The plastic backing on this product is VERY strong! I can fasten the tapes almost to the point of cutting off circulation, and the backing does not tear.  The plastic backing does tend to stretch a bit, but not enough to cause a problem.  The product stretches just enough to move with you, which is nice.  Even though the backing is plastic, it does not make a lot of noise under everyday clothing like other brands do. I think this is due to how they have bonded the plastic to the padding. I have seen no problems with “pinholes” in the plastic backing on this product like I have on others.

OK, those of you who know me know I think elastic waists are an extra cost gimmick that is not really necessary. Personally, on this product I feel the same, but for those of you who want an elastic waist, this product has one at the back but none up front.  The elastic at the legs is wide enough to work well and be comfortable but not so wide as to get in the way. It is very effective.

This product probably has some of the most effective standing inner leak barriers of all of the products I have used!  They are taller than most others and are not stuck to the padding requiring you to unstick them to get them to stand like on other products. They run the full length of the crotch and half way up the front of the product and a little over half way up the back of the product, which is great for bowel incontinence containment. This company has really thought this feature out and they are very effective.

Padding Size, Shape and Thickness

This product has probably the most generous amount of padding of any product I've ever worn, including Abena!  The padding is in a “figure 8” shape with slightly wider padding in the rear. Some of you will complain there is not enough padding out in the wings of the product like I did when I first saw it.  Let me tell you, it really isn't necessary on this product! I am a side sleeper and have had NO leaks whatsoever with this product at night. Unlike other premium brands, I do not have to wear a larger size at night with this product. I can stick with the large which I use during the day, which is much more comfortable for me and means no longer having two different size products around. Unlike other brands, this product is very wide in regards to padding between the legs. Many women will not like this but for us guys, this is AWESOME! Many times, leakage happens between the legs for us guys as the padding is not wide enough to surround our genitals on each side and wetness heads for the side where there is not enough padding or diaper and leaks there. The width is also important in cases of bowel incontinence to prevent leakage.

Now, on to a topic some folks won't like...padding bulk. This product has very hefty padding and polymer, which means it is indeed bulky. The bulkier area of this product is in between the legs and toward the rear of the diaper.  The wetter it gets, the more it swells in bulk. Now, under regular comfortable fitting clothes, this is really not as big a deal as companies and many people like to make it. Trust me, people are so caught up in their own lives that the last thing they are doing is looking to see if someone is wearing a diaper, and the average person, if they notice any bulk under your clothes is going to care less. In all my years of incontinence, I have never had anyone say to me “hey, are you wearing a diaper?”. The heftiness of this padding is what gives the product its' massive absorbency.  With incontinence, the bulk IS needed for the absorbency. Talk to anyone who uses cloth diapers and you'll hear the same thing. To cut costs, packaging sizes and weight, the manufacturers have worked hard to convince us “thinner is better and more discreet”. Well frankly, the most non discreet thing on earth is wet spots on my pants! This product DOES NOT LEAK. Can you eventually MAKE it leak? Sure, but under normal conditions, this product will go a full 12 hours without a problem. This is something I do not recommend, but it will do it.  I haven’t noticed any problems with the padding breaking up at all on this product, even when saturated!

Strong Refastenable Tapes

This product has got to have some of the best tapes of most any diaper I have ever used! They use a two piece tape system like on the Molicare Super Plus, Abena diapers, Tranquility ATN and most any other premium adult diaper on the market, where you can unfasten the diaper leaving an undertape behind so you know where to refasten the tapes for best fit. Their tapes seem to be made of a plastic material which does not tear or stretch and the adhesive does NOT slide along the plastic or pop off. The tapes are also attached VERY securely to the back wings of the diaper. You can pull on the tape very tight and it will not rip off. Most other brands, the tapes stretch, rip, pop off or come off the back wings of the product.


So far, having used only one bag of these briefs, I have found the quality to be outstanding!  I have not found one tape loose and stuck to the other part of the diaper, I have not had one issue with the cut, padding thickness, plastic backing strength, etc.. that I have had with most all other brands.  I have had NO issues with pinhole leaks in the plastic backing either, even when saturated.  If they keep this quality and consistency up, they will blow all of the other brands out of the water.


Well, here we are with the color thing again!  The medium size of this product is light blue, the large size is light green and the x-large size is a pink, or “salmon” color.  For institutional use, I do understand this is necessary for size identification, but personally I HATE colored diapers!  BUT, that being said, the absorbency, fit and quality of this diaper far outweighs my dislike for colored diapers, so I will continue to use this product.  The wetness indicator on this diaper is hit and miss.  Sometimes it does not get applied, but when it does, it is a very light colored printed wetness indicator that would not show through thin clothing.  It does NOT have the single line wetness indicator as depicted in the picture above.


These diapers are cut average as noted in the sizing above, but the padding size is VERY generous, leading to good wicking and a very dry feeling.  For us guys, this diaper is very comfortable as it has the space we need. While dry, they are very comfortable and fit very well. Once wet, they remain very well fitting without sagging and falling apart. Skin dryness is EXCELLENT and stays that way until the product is saturated. The elastic leg bands are wide enough and stretchy enough that they do not tend to bind or pinch even when you tape the diaper very tight, which is a BIG plus!  Odor control with this product is THE BEST I have found in any product!  I was shocked at how wet the product was at one point because I really did not notice any odor at all.  THAT is an excellent feature!


Like most other brands of premium adult diapers (Molicare, Abena, etc...) these are a bit on the pricey side at $1.23 to $1.63 per diaper at our sponsor www.northshorecare.com.  DO NOT let the price scare you!  If you have used the Abena X-Plus, you'll find these 1 ½ to 2 times the absorbency, so it's like getting two Abena X-Plus diapers for the price of just over one. I am planning to use this diaper very regularly for times when I can not change often or when I am drinking a lot.  My place of purchase is going to be Northshore Care Supply (link above), as they have an excellent price on this product and their customer service is top notch!  I know this from personal experience and from others who have ordered from them.  I urge you to give them a try!


Eurobriefs by Mediprime at a Glance

Fit                                                Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Putting it on                  Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Comfort while dry                      Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Absorbency                                Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Rewet Absorbency                    Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Comfort While wet                     Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Keeps skin dry                           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Ease of Removal                        Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

Plastic backing strength           Very Good        Good        Average        Poor

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